Mount Zion was originally built across the road from the place where it now stands. The old church which had been built in 1856 and had lasted for forty years was getting rather small for the amount of people who were beginning to attend and therefore a new church was built. Plans for building the new church building were drawn up and the foundation was started under the direction of Frank Hering, by Willian Flater, Thomas Shilling, John Armacost and John Blum in 1896. But in September due to a very severe storm the new church was blown down just as the rafters were being erected by the workmen. Immediately the work on the new church was resumed and it was completely finished this time.

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Mount Zion United Methodist Church is a family of caring believers, united in Jesus the Christ, reaching out to the community to serve and teach the Word of God!
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Written by Nanci Armacost Crock, who shares comments by
Leona Kay Armacost and June Kay Twigg
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