A church congregation that doesn't have a strong prayer ministry will soon cease to be a strong church congregation!

The Prayer Ministry of Mount Zion-Finksburg

Both personal and congregational prayer are essential parts of the life and ministry of our congregation.

We believe there is "power in prayer." Holy Scripture teaches us that time after time our Lord Jesus went off by himself for prayer. If it was good for our Lord it is essential for us!

In Sunday morning worship we share our "joys & concerns." We encourage our people to not only lift up prayer concerns but also write them in the prayer booklet on the rear of the sanctuary. A growing number of members and friends take the weekly worship bulletin home with them and use the names on the back cover to lift up prayer during the week. We even go so far as to say
"it is expected that our congregation will pray faithfully for those in need and those requesting prayer." Prayer is not an option.

Our Pastor has said that having a praying congregation makes ministry more effective and meaningful.

The Prayer Chain Ministry

There are those who desire to go a "second mile" in their prayer ministry. We now have 23 committed persons who are part of the Prayer Chain.
These folks have agreed on four things
(a) I believe in and practice personal prayer
(b) I believe in and will practice intercessory prayer
(c) I will keep all prayer requests confidential
(d) If I am a caller I will pass along prayer requests in a timely fashion.

The Revised Prayer Chain: At this time, during the Lenten season, we are revising the Prayer Chain. We are giving persons who no longer feel they can fulfill the "prayer chain commitment" the opportunity to find another ministry in the congregation and we are inviting those who would like to be on the "chain" to and can fulfill the "prayer chain commitment" to volunteer.

How Do I Become Part of the Prayer Chain? To find out more information or to volunteer please fill out our 'Get In Touch Form' and indicate that you would like to particpate.

The New "email" Prayer Chain. In the revised listing we are offering present and future members of the prayer chain the opportunity to be part of the new "email prayer chain." You will make the same prayer chain commitment but you will receive prayer requests through email. This means that you must check your email on a daily basis in order to receive prayer requests as they are sent to you.

If You Are A Member of the Prayer Chain or have signed up to be part of the new prayer chain you will receive a letter this week asking you to once again make a commitment and to decide if you want to be on the regular telephone listing or the new email listing. We are asking that you promptly respond so we can finalize the listing by Sunday, March 21st.