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Mt. Zion
A United Methodist Congregation
Since 1856

You are always welcome to worship God and
share in Christian Fellowship with us!

3006 Old Westminster Pike
PO Box 755
Finksburg MD 21048

Church Office (Voice Mail): 410-517-2300
Pastor William Louis Piel
Cell: 301-351-6689
Home: 410-751-9049
Photo Courtesy of Cliff Yingling

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We are fully handicap accessible. There is an
elevator to our sanctuary off of the church
social hall.
Our background image was drawn by Jason Armacost
I love its history and heritage! I love its vision and future!
I love the spirit of Jesus which is in the hearts and lives of our members and friends! We aren't perfect but we are pressing on to be more "Christ-like" every day! I love this church!
Proud sponsor of Boy Scout Troop #1750.
For information, email or visit our website!
"Researchers tell us that the most powerful emotion isn't love. It's gratitude.

Living with an "attitude of gratitude" transforms our perspective on life. It shapes how we respond to life's struggles and how we relate to both people and God. If you're grateful, your life shows it in numerous ways. You're positive, thinking the best of others. You're kind to people, especially those around you who are hurting, too. When you choose to thank God and be grateful, your heart is set free from bitterness, anger, complaint and criticism. I love to be around grateful people. It's so refreshing to be around people who are thankful to God for life, their job, their family. A grateful attitude is contagious. It can transform an office, a staff, a classroom, a church - and a family from focusing on what they don't have, to all that they do have.

So be grateful. It's a matter of choice. Though you often can't choose those things life throws at you, you can always choose your response. God's will for each of us is to thank God in all circumstances because God loves us! We can put our full trust in God no matter what we are facing. We can thank God because God will see us through even the hardest times! Make the choice to do God's will today and give God thanks."

God has given us the power to choose how we respond to life. Choose to thank God! It's God's will for you and makes you a better person and follower of Jesus Christ."

(Pastor Bill Thomas, "Carroll County Times, Saturday, November 18, 2017. Bill is Pastor of Herford United Methodist Church)
Our Thanksgiving Eve Service Bulletin can be found HERE
+ A Thought on Thanksgiving Eve